Displaying the element description in a diagram note

link a note to an element - enterprise architect

How to display the element description in a diagram note?

A diagram note connected to an element like a use case or a class, can directly display the text entered in its scenarios, constraints, requirements...

For that, you first have to select onto the diagram the element of your choice, display the context menu (right click) and then select the Add | Note menu option.

Next, select the link which connects the element to the note that you've added previously, display the context menu by right-clicking and select the Link this Note to an Element feature... menu option.

From the dialog Link note to element, select for instance in the Feature Type field, the Element Note entry if you want to display in the diagram note the element description typed in its Notes field.
Finally, click on the button OK to terminate.

By now, each time you update the description of the element which is linked to a note, EA synchronizes automatically the note content displayed on the diagram.