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Frequently Asked Questions about Enterprise Architect limited to General topics.

Hide the package name of a foreign element when displayed onto a diagram

How to hide a package name of an element when it is displayed on a diagram which is situated outside the element package?

By default in EA, the package name is displayed whenever an element is added to a diagram since it is not situated in the same package than the diagram.


Displaying a graphic image into a diagram

How to display a graphic image (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP...) into a diagram?

A graphic image can be displayed on a diagram thanks to a boundary element which plays the role of an image container.


Displaying automatically a given diagram when opening a project

How to display automatically a given diagram when opening a project in EA?

To configure a default diagram so that it is automatically displayed while opening a EA project, start by opening the desired diagram into the Diagram View by clicking on it from the Project Browser window, and then select the Diagram | Set as Model Default menu option.


Displaying the element description in a diagram note

How to display the element description in a diagram note?

A diagram note connected to an element like a use case or a class, can directly display the text entered in its scenarios, constraints, requirements...


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